Waldo Duplex

I am so pleased that this project, which I photographed back in August, is getting so much recognition. It has recieved Honor Awards from both AIA Central States and AIA Kansas City. Located in the heart of Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood, the duplex is a project of the Design+Make Studio at Kansas State University. Supported by el dorado inc. and their client, Botwin Commercial Development, the project offers a positive solution to affordable housing design. 

Missouri State Fair

In August 2009 I spent a week at the Missouri State Fair. I was an artist in residence and they gave me a small studio next to the elevator in the two-story fine arts building. As people would come off the elevator to look at the paintings and sculptures that had won ribbons I asked if they would pose for a photograph.


Indisposable is a project of the Kansas City Central Library. Library patrons experiencing homelessness were give disposable cameras and asked to use them to “document their lives, photograph what they find interesting and beautiful, or simply express themselves.” The photographs reflect on a sense of otherness and isolation while being beautiful and powerful messages of our desire to show what we see.Emily Luedtke and Jason Pearl, who are working at the Library as AmeriCorps volunteers, developed the project with the help of the library’s reference and public affairs department. I was asked to help in selecting the photographs for the exhibit which opens Friday, June 2. Indisposable will be on display in Kirk Hall at the Central Library from June 2-9.

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