Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, 2017

Kansas City, 2016

Les Vans, France, 2017

Sasha, 2017

Christmas, 2014

Pulitzer Foundation, Saint Louis, 2016

Les Vans, France, 2017

House on Baltimore, 2015

Loose Park, 2019


Loose Park Rose Garden, 2021

Rally, Liberty Memorial, 2013

Naples Apartment, Old Hyde Park, 2010

Matfield Green, Kansas, 2013

Baseball Field, Kansas City, Kansas, 2010

Community Meeting, Kansas City, 2013

Dangerous Building, Old Hyde Park, 2015

Kauffman Garden, 2021

Troost Avenue, 2019

Troostwood, Kansas City, 2021


West Bottoms, Kansas City, 2010

Roanoke Park, Kansas City, 2010

City Park, Wamego, Kansas 2011

City Park, Abilene, Kansas, 2011

Evil Monkey Set Up. Kansas City, 2013

Kauffman Art Club, Kansas City, 2015

Photo Assignment: Friends, 2016

South Hyde Park, Kansas City, 2021

North Kansas City, 2021

Strawberry Hill, Kansas City, Kansas, 2022


Davenport, Iowa, 2010

Académie Lafayette, Kansas City,  2012

Hyde Park, Kansas City, 2012

Oak Hall Garage, Kansas City, 2016

47th and Main Street, Kansas City, 2016 

Satchel Paige Stadium, Kansas City,  2017 

Bank of Missouri River at Kansas City, 2017

Table and Benches, Southmoreland Park, Kansas City,  2017

Louis Curtiss Studio Building, Kansas City, 2020

West Side, Kansas City, 2021


Strasbourg   2021

Prague   2016

Central Kansas Free Fair, Abilene   2015

Central Kansas Free Fair, Abilene   2015

Prague   2016

Wilbur   2009

Jean's Garden, Casteljau, France   2019

Cleaver II, Kansas City   2020

Lawrence, Kansas   2021

Kauffman School   2015


 Platte County Fair, Missouri, 2009

Hyde Park, Kansas City, 2010

Vietnam Veterans' Memorial, Kansas City, 2015

Wyandotte County Fair, Kansas, 2015

Shakespeare Festival, Kansas City, 2016

July 4th, Manhattan, Kansas, 2016

July 4th, Wamego, Kansas, 2016

Kansas City, 2016

Franklin County Fair, Kansas, 2018

Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, 2021


Block Party, Brookside, 2007

City Park, Western Kansas, 2009

Dave Howard,  2012

Rodeo, Strong City, Kansas, 2013

Community Meeting, Northeast Kansas City, 2013

Movie Night, Hyde Park, 2013

Graduation, Kauffman School, 2016

Jewell Ball Rehearsal at the Nelson, 2016 

Chase County Kansas, 2017

Kansas City, 2020



Waldo, 2009

Loose Park Rose Garden, 2011

Prom Night, 2011

Loose Park, 2013

Westside, 2014

Loose Park Rose Garden, 2015

43rd Street, 2020

The Nelson, 2021 

View from our balcony, 2021


Kansas City, 2021

Saint Patrick's Day, Kansas City, 2019

Kauffman School, 2015

Roanoke Park, Kansas City, 2015

Kauffman School, 2014

Morning Meeting, Kauffman School, 2014

State of the City, Kansas City, 2013

Workroom, 2011

Kansas City, 2009

Omaha, 2009


5 June, Saturday

We moved to our new apartment because it has a balcony. When I'm not working on fixing up the apartment, I'm on that balcony. In the mornings, with my coffee, I watch the people walking their dogs, leaving for work. And in the evenings I see a repeat. I also see the people in our building going for their walks. Some go in the mornings, some in the evenings. Mostly they go alone. Often when they get to the end of our driveway they stop for a moment.

16 May, Sunday

I have known this tree since I was young. I would walk by it in summer on my way to the tennis courts. It is located in the valley between the tennis courts to the south and the rose garden to the north and while I have admired it often this is, I believe, the only photograph I’ve ever taken of it. On Sunday in the middle of a day of rain, a week of rain, there was an hour break. I went to the park to see how the roses were doing. They will be late blooming this year — in February we had nine days in a row below 15 degrees.

9 April, The Nelson

Mini golf at the Nelson is back and very popular. There are nine holes inspired by art in the Nelson’s collection. There’s also a snack bar that serves frozen custard and craft beer. The next closest mini golf in town is Cool Crest in Independence. Their course has an Eiffel Tower hole, a Dutch windmill hole and a rocket ship hole. Their snack bar serves hot dogs, popcorn and Pepsi.

4 April, Easter 

15 March, 43rd Street

11 March, Karnes Boulevard

2 March, Old Hyde Park (Limestone Stairs)

22 February

2 February, 42nd and Locust

9 January, Southmoreland Park

3 January, Rockhill

I like to read the plaque as you enter the Rockhill neighborhood. It's a needed reminder that the name comes from William Rockhill Nelson's mother, not the limestone walls that are so common there. Here we see the remnants of the Rockhill Tennis Club where as a kid I would sometimes work as a ball boy. In the foreground is another remnant—the beginning of what would become Andy Goldsworthy's  Walking Wall.

2 January, 43rd Street

Slippery walking tonight. I like the combination of winter twilight and these classic Kansas City apartment buildings at 43rd and McGee. White columns, white porches, white streets. Thanks to Ezra Stoller for teaching me the allure of power poles.                                                                                                                                                                            

1 January, New Year's Day

Back in March, early in the pandemic, I would photograph from this corner. So many people were working from home, schooling from home, that on a nice evening or weekend the sidewalks would be full of people out walking. 


Corner of Cleaver II Boulevard and Oak Street with Sophian Plaza and Oak Hall in Background, December 31, 2020

Warwick Boulevard, December 29, 2020

Christopher Filley's, 45th and Bell, December 26, 2020


Ruth's House, December 22, 2020

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