4 April, Easter 

15 March, 43rd Street

11 March, Karnes Boulevard

2 March, Old Hyde Park (Limestone Stairs)

22 February

2 February, 42nd and Locust

9 January, Southmoreland Park

3 January, Rockhill

I like to read the plaque as you enter the Rockhill neighborhood. It's a needed reminder that the name comes from William Rockhill Nelson's mother, not the limestone walls that are so common there. Here we see the remnants of the Rockhill Tennis Club where as a kid I would sometimes work as a ball boy. In the foreground is another remnant—the beginning of what would become Andy Goldsworthy's  Walking Wall.

2 January, 43rd Street

Slippery walking tonight. I like the combination of winter twilight and these classic Kansas City apartment buildings at 43rd and McGee. White columns, white porches, white streets. Thanks to Ezra Stoller for teaching me the allure of power poles.                                                                                                                                                                            

1 January, New Years Day

Back in March, early in the pandemic, I would photograph from this corner. So many people were working from home, schooling from home, that on a nice evening or weekend the sidewalks would be full of people out walking. 


Corner of Cleaver II Boulevard and Oak Street with Sophian Plaza and Oak Hall in Background, December 31, 2020

Warwick Boulevard, December 29, 2020

Christopher Filley's, 45th and Bell, December 26, 2020


Ruth's House, December 22, 2020

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